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Sleep myths debunked: National Bed Month 2016 | Putnams

Sleep myths debunked: National Bed Month 2016

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I reckon National Bed Month is as good a time as any for a ritual debunking of a few of the myths surrounding sleep that you might still believe.

It’s time to filter off the fact from the fiction and clear up a few of the old wives tales that might be standing between you and a brilliant night’s sleep……

My first topic to be tackled has to be the idea of “Beauty Sleep”.  The first recorded use of this one is 1855, so it’s been floating about for a long old time. Although it seems pretty far-fetched, there are bits and pieces of research saying that a good night’s sleep can make you more attractive in the eyes of others, as well as having numerous other health benefits. As if I needed any encouragement for staying in bed….

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Many people believe that the most serious consequence of snoring might be a night on the sofa when your spouse has finally had enough. But did you know that snoring can be a sign of sleep apnoea? This serious condition occurs when the muscles in your airways relax and stop the flow of oxygen whilst you are asleep. If you’re experiencing sleep apnoea, did you know that we stock a range of pillows designed to improve the quality of your sleep when using a CPAP device, a mask which gives a continuous supply of air. If you are concerned about sleep apnoea, please visit your GP.

Finally, it’s all about the cheese. I’m sure loads of readers will Brielieve that cheese before bed will give you wacky dreams. You’d feta know that I’m willing to test this one, very Caerphilly indeed. Although it’s a Gouda little theory, studies have shown that it’s nacho cheese causing those wacky dreams.  You might be cheddar off finding a different evening snack, but nothing will beat the legendairy offerings of the cheeseboard.



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Written by Ruby Coles.
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