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National Bed Month - March 2016

Posted on March 01 2016

national bed month march 2016 events monthly info sleep

It truly would be remiss of me to pass up on the golden opportunity of blogging about National bed month. Was there ever an awareness event quite so relevant to this blog?

Every March national bed month brings the nation’s focus to the place where we spend a whopping 30% of our lives – tucked between the sheets.

All this month, I’ll be blogging about putting to bed some of the myths surrounding sleep, teaching you how to get the best out of your bedroom, offering up some expert advice on how to adapt your bed for different health conditions, sharing a VIP guest blog, and getting my camera out in the kitchen to share with you the best (and worst) evening snacks that won’t disrupt your beauty sleep.

So, this national bed month, I’m inviting you to join me in bed ;) and learn a little bit more about where we lay our sleepy heads.

national bed month march 2016 events monthly info sleep



What are you looking forward to this #NationalBedMonth? 

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Written by Ruby Coles.
national bed month march 2016 events monthly info sleep


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