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Be our Valentine?

Posted on February 10 2016

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It’s snuck up on us quickly this year – Valentine’s Day is nearly here. Luckily for you, I’ve put together some handy gift ideas for the big day.

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Newlyweds? Give the gift of comfort with a Putnam pillow that will keep your valentine comfortable ‘til dawn do us part’
The Putnam pillow is a premium orthopaedic pillow that provides consistent and long lasting support. If your loved one is a soft touch, why not go for the memory foam option? Available in 6 sizes, we’re sure to have a pillow to suit your sweetheart. 
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Or are you a long distance couple? Support your partner from afar with a memory foam mattress topper.
Perfect for adding an air of luxury to any bed, our memory foam mattress toppers make an unforgettable gift. Recline in comfort with a 5cm layer of superior quality memory foam, ideal for late night skype-sessions with your beloved. 

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Perhaps you’re just starting dating? Give yourself a (w)edge on any other suitors with a portable seat wedge.
Our clever little wedges work wonders in improving back pain caused by incorrect posture. They’re as brilliant for long nights sitting up a chatting as they are for long shifts at the office, and you can choose a coccyx cut out to relieve pressure on your spine too. A perfect gift for the fashionable valentine, all our foam wedges are available in 4 attractive colours.


Looking to re-ignite an old flame this Valentine’s Day? All our products meet EU fire regulations. 


Let us know how you’ll be celebrating this Valentine’s Day in the comments!
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Written by Ruby Coles.
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