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#Toylikeme – New lego minifigure featuring a wheelchair user unveiled.

Posted on February 01 2016

I’ve followed the Toys Like Me campaign from its inception, so I was especially pleased to see that LEGO have chosen to be the latest collaborator with the campaign, unveiling a new mini-figure featuring a wheelchair user.

Rebecca Atkinson; journalist, mother and the founder of the #Toylikeme campaign says “It will speak volumes to children, disabled or otherwise, the world over”, and I couldn’t agree more. To have such an influential brand – the number one toy brand in the world – acknowledging that people with disabilities need to be represented more widely is a huge step for disability rights campaigners. 

toy like me wheelchair cushion pressure relief lego


When I was growing up, I remember my brother having a special LEGO man which Mum had painstakingly draw hearing aids onto. It is so reassuring to know that by the time I have my own family, these toys will be available to my children.

To acknowledge disability and differences through play is such a powerful thing, perhaps even more valuable to those children unaffected by disability. Just making a few little changes to the toys available can reflect the wider range of people who will be playing with them, and help children to understand and accept illness as a part of people’s lives. In a world which still has so much stigma around disability, it’s such a positive step. 

wheelchair lego toys like me eye patch

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wheelchair cushion pressure point cut out recess sores


Thank you, LEGO.  Now, everything really is awesome.
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Written by Ruby Coles.


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